073: How This Influencer Used Authenticity to Go Viral in 1 Week

It takes A LOT of work to stand out as a fashion influencer in today’s super-saturated market—and even more work to build an engaged following.

Posting pretty outfits in exotic locations with the link in your bio is fun, but it won’t set your apart from everyone else doing the same thing. To really grow your influence, you need to find your unique voice, create your own lane, and keep pressing forward.

That’s exactly what Sarah Tripp did with Sassy Red Lipstick, a body positive fashion and lifestyle blog that’s seen massive success.

Since launching in 2013, Sarah TRIPLED her following with a viral post in the span of just one month and has since grown an engaged audience of 374K (and counting!) on Instagram, including women from all over the world.

So how EXACTLY did she do it? Tune in to episode #73 of The Influencer Podcast to find out.

Whether you’re an an aspiring or established fashion influencer, or anyone looking for some extra inspiration—this is one you won’t want to miss!

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