077: Style Meets Strategy: How Margo & Me Became an Influencer Icon, Part 1

It seems like the endless list of influencer strategies out there just keeps getting longer. And with pressure from brands to grow your audience and get more likes, it can be all too easy to lose sight of your own identity—no matter what niche you’re in.

So, this is your gentle reminder that it’s okay to stand your ground and walk away from brands that don’t align with your vision because YOU are a talented content creator with immense and limitless value to offer.

Sharpie that on your content planner, ok?

The truth is, you can 100% stand out in the industry by being totally transparent and staying true to yourself. This is how Jenny Cipoletti, creator of Margo & Me, does things and it works like a charm.

Since starting out as a one-woman show five years ago, Jenny has grown a thriving business and team around her influence—all while staying 100% true to her own identity.

With editorial-worthy moments that rival the industry’s most distinguished work, you could say this influencer and fashion blogger icon knows a thing or two about creating high-quality content that resonates with readers.

The best part? She’s sharing her insider secrets with us in this week’s episode. Find out how she seamlessly combines style and strategy to:

  • Keep an on-trend editorial calendar

  • Engage readers with evergreen blog content

  • Prioritize strategies that increase visibility online

Plus, she’s putting the spotlight on three things every influencer must do to create and grow an online influence. Listen in here!

P.S. Jenny has SO many valuable insights to share, we couldn’t fit them all in one episode. Tune in again next week for part 2 … and remember to hashtag #theinfluencerpodcast!