080: Diversifying Your Income, Growing Your Email List, and Showing up Consistently

Raise your hand if you started your blog as a hobby or side hustle 🙋

A lot of us started out that way! Unfortunately, most blogs never outgrow the side hustle phase. The truth is, about 95% of blogs fail or get neglected before they ever have a chance to grow.

But if you really commit to your blog, it’s 100% possible to turn it into a thriving business with raving fans. You just gotta want it!

There might be a lot of blogs out there—but there are 7 billion people in the world. Let that sink in for a minute.

With 7 billion people out there, you can bet there are enough customers to go around. Even if your niche is “super saturated”!

It’s time to let go of that scarcity mindset and create your own abundance. And that’s exactly what today’s guest on The Influencer Podcast is talking about.

Elizabeth Rider started blogging as a side hustle almost 10 years ago. She’s since created a thriving, multi-passionate business as an online health coach, blogger, TV show host, author, educator, and speaker.

She’s also sharing her expert insights into:

  • Selling your own content and diversifying your income

  • The importance of growing your email list

  • Strategically using guest posts to increase your traffic

  • Navigating search engine optimization (the easy way!)

You’ll want to bookmark this one because it’s just so good! Listen in here!