085: How to Successfully Create Something That Doesn’t Yet Exist

It’s really important you know this: If you have an idea that you’re really passionate about, you owe it to yourself and the world to give it your best shot.

For Sara Happ, the boss lady behind The Lip Scrub, it started with chapped lips, a Google search that produced no results, and a true love of all things beauty.

Tired of dealing with perpetually chapped lips during cold Connecticut winters, Sara entered a Google search for “lip scrub.” The results? Nothing. So she got to work creating her own.

But getting a product that didn’t yet exist into production proved to be easier said than done. Twenty-something “no’s” later she got the one “yes” that made it possible.

The moral of the story? Don’t ever let rejection stand between you and your dreams. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs started out with dozens of rejections! But it only takes one YES to make it happen.

Today Sara is known as THE lip expert for her luxury lip products. Her products are sold in 400 stores nationwide and distributed in 20 counties. (And, seriously, they are amazing. Her lip scrub is one of my favorite things in the entire world!)

In this week’s episode, she talks about her journey from creating lip scrubs in her kitchen to running a global beauty empire.

We also chat about things like...

  • What it takes to create something that doesn’t yet exist (spoiler alert: it takes time and dedication)

  • Overcoming a whole lot of “no’s” in order to get the coveted “yes” that takes your idea to market

  • Common challenges entrepreneurs face and how to navigate them gracefully


How To Create something that doesnt exist