090: 4 Questions to Ask Before Setting an Intention for the New Year

At the start of every year, we see an explosion of New Year’s resolutions. Most of these look like to-do lists of goals.

Setting goals is great. But in my experience, goals without intention and vision tend to remain unaccomplished. A goal is simply a desired result, a final destination point for your journey. A vision is a vivid mental image of what the future looks like.

“Launch a new online course.” That’s a goal.

“Host in-person workshops to engage with my community, learn what challenges they face, and create a perfectly tailored solution to help them achieve their biggest dreams.” That’s a vision.

Revisit your vision frequently. Let it guide you through big decisions. I promise it will help you reach your goals.

On today’s episode of The Influencer Podcast, I’m sharing 4 simple questions you can ask to help set your intention and create a vision for the new year. These questions will get you thinking about ways you serve your tribe and what steps you can take today in order to make your long-term vision a reality.

I’m also sharing my vision for season 2 of the podcast, plus an exclusive sneak peek into the all-star guests we have lined up for the show.

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