095: How to Create a Business That Runs Itself With Efficiency Expert Adrienne Dorison

Do you immediately zone out when you hear things like “systems operations” and “process efficiency”? I know I used to.

I’ll be the first to say that I didn’t always care about my business systems. As a matter of fact, those things repelled me. They’re not my zone of genius—and so I ignored them for a long time.

I didn’t even realize how much of a bottleneck I was causing in my business until I met today’s guest Adrienne Dorison last year. Adrienne came into my life and completely changed how I view and run my business. Her way of looking at your business as an assembly line is going to blow your mind.

Adrienne is an efficiency expert and queen of streamlining systems. She has helped hundreds of business leaders—from Fortune 500 corporations to fast-growing startups—double, triple, and sometimes even 10x their company’s growth … all while removing themselves from the day-to-day operations. (Can I get an amen?)

Adrienne and her business partner, Mike Michalowicz, have also created Run Like Clockwork, an operations consultancy that equips CEOs with the skills to design a business that—quite literally—runs itself.

Today, Adrienne is sharing step-by-step strategies you can use to minimize unnecessary output, fulfill your highest value, and start experiencing your business as the CEO—even if you’re a one person show.

Listen to the episode below:

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Specific steps you can take to get the most results from the least amount of input

  • How to identify your “highest value roles” within your business and use them to remove bottlenecks

  • A simple time tracking exercise that shows you exactly where your business is having efficiency issues

  • The #1 operational mistake influencers and entrepreneurs make as they begin to grow (and how to avoid it)

  • Plus so many more insights into how to build a team and business that can run without you

What did you think?

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