098: Why Fear Is Boring and Powerlessness Is a Lie — with James Wedmore

If you want to create influence and impact in the world, you need to stand for something. You need to zig while others zag. You need to advocate for a new idea or perspective, even if it upsets some people.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the mindset needed for entrepreneurship. Today on the show, mindset master James Wedmore joins me to talk about everything from his personal entrepreneurial journey to what it really takes to stand out as a leader. James also dives into vulnerability, powerlessness, and limiting beliefs—and, of course, what you can do to overcome and find opportunity in these things.

If you ask me, James’s true zone of genius is where business and mindset meet—and that’s what this conversation is all about. Not to mention, James has been at this whole online entrepreneurship thing for 11 years, so you can bet he has some great stories.

This episode left me feeling incredibly joyful, inspired, and empowered. You’ll know what I mean after you listen 😉

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The major shift that led James to where he is now (hint: his business looked a lot different before)

  • Why you should stop working like an employee in your business, and what to do instead

  • The one thing that matters more to your business than any strategy, sales funnel, or marketing campaign

  • How to ditch the hustle mentality, reclaim your inner artist, and redefine what success means to you

  • What “conditional living” is and how it can negatively impact your business and life

What did you think?

I want to hear from you! Do you ever feel powerless inside your business, or afraid to show up and be authentically vulnerable?

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Find out the one thing that matters more to your business than any strategy, sales funnel, or marketing campaign. Why Fear is Boring and Powerlessness is a lie. Episode 098 of The Influencer Podcast with James Wedmore. #JulieSolomon #TheInfluencerPodcast #Salesfunnel #marketing #MarketingPodcast #strategy #InfluencerMarketing

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