101: The Surprising Business Benefits of Practicing Self Love — with Paul Fishman

Today’s guest is on a mission to instill the message within all of us that self love is the key to a fulfilled life.

Paul Fishman is a self love coach, healer, and all-around amazing human. With training in fitness and nutrition, Paul takes a holistic approach to his empowerment work and advocates for all people who need support honoring and loving themselves.

In this episode, we talk about taking ownership of your life, showing up fully, and cultivating self love—and why these things are important to building the business and life you really want. So much of entrepreneurship goes back to mindset and that, my friends, is where self love comes in.

Paul also opens up about his past when fear held him back from his own happiness and potential. When he finally set boundaries and took ownership of his life, something amazing happened. I don’t want to spoil the story … so you’ll have to tune in to hear what it was!

I love Paul’s upbeat but honest perspective, as well as the specific techniques he uses to help people set boundaries, step away from shame, and love themselves.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The common challenge many people face when it comes to attaining their goals (and how to overcome it)

  • What the “P.A.U.L. Strategy” is and how you can use it to navigate difficult situations

  • The simplest thing you can do to eliminate limiting beliefs and cultivate more self love in your life

  • Exactly how Paul successfully pitches and lands media mentions and podcast interviews

What did you think?

Find out the specific techniques Paul Fishman uses to help people set boundaries, step away from shame, and love themselves. Listen to today's Episode of The Influencer Podcast With Julie Solomon and Paul Fishman.

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