049: Healthy Habits to a Well Being with Celebrity Nutritionist Kelly LeVeque


With spring and #summerbodies right around the corner, and an ongoing request for healthier habits, I know y’all will enjoy today’s episode and guest, Kelly LeVeque of Be Well By Kelly! Not only are we hearing influence tips from a girl who lists Jessica Alba and Marianna Hewitt as clients, but she’s also laying down keys to living a healthier life. Take one look at Kelly’s glow (let alone figure!) and you’ll want to be all ears.

Kelly started her career in cancer and genetics, and has since transitioned to writer, influencer, and celebrity nutritionist. With the mega success of her coaching business and first book, Body Love, Kelly has grown into an influencer simply by providing results and displaying her unique outlook when it comes to nutrition. With a new book in the works, a private practice, and a budding career, Kelly sheds light on executing a healthy body by way of science and nutrition - all while serving as a woman in the modern world!

Kelly has a passion, drive, and eagerness, which is no doubt the reason she’s grown so rapidly - and her recipe for growth is something we can all take note of. Other than discussing her own opinion on why she’s been successful in a saturated field, we chat about why giving away free services is stellar, how to make the people you work with feel good, and how to sustain your health—even if you know nothing about nutrition.

Kelly’s ‘take action’ items and advice:

  • Never promote something you wouldn’t use yourself; your followers will see right through it. Cut back on spending before taking money out of desperation.

  • Look INSIDE instead of imitating others to have your passion (and influence) shine through.

  • Drink a Fab Four Smoothie a day! Lots more science-based nutrition tips in this episode!

I loved the combination of learning about leading a healthier lifestyle and the power of actionable influence while chatting with this positive lady! Enjoy!

Plus, if you’re interested in exactly what a Fab Four Smoothie is (and Kelly swears by them, as evident from her take-action bullets above), she’s graciously giving away the recipe to all you lovely readers! Fill out the form below to get her recipe to make your own #fabfoursmoothie. You know I’ll be drinking mine!


The #fab4smoothie Meal ReplaceMent Shake Recipe


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