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The only pitching program that teaches influencers & bloggers how to move from one-off paid-to-post content to long-term, big bucks brand collabs—all in just one week.


Have you finally reached the point in your blog or biz where you're ready to earn a living collaborating with brands, you're eager to garner free publicity for your business or perhaps you’re getting pitched by brands and want to know the correct next step to ensure your collaboration is a success? Congrats!! It's time to take your influencer career seriously.

It's time to learn how to create and execute an effective influencer career by perfecting your pitch skills to garner lucrative brand deals from someone who has effectively pitched, negotiated and confirmed OVER 50 influencer brand deals, has more than 4 years of solidifying successful 6+ figure brand deals as a blogger and over 10 years of pitching expertise as an New York Times Best-Selling publicist? 



  • Using out of date press kits that don't include the must-have information brands really need from you
  • Lack of income as a blogger
  • Accepting "gifting" after "gifting" from brands when you know you are worth their financial investment
  • Feeling like a used car saleswoman when you are pitching yourself
  • Wanting to be "that blogger" who lands brand deal after brand deal, but you're lost on how to get there
  • Being on the outside looking in, wanting to get in front of brands, go to events, and work with them
  • Lack of confidence in pitching your blog or brand for a deal
  • Undervaluing your brand 

Everyone wants my lucrative pitching secrets and now you can have them with Pitch It Perfect!

“Julie taught me how to brand myself in a way that helps me stand out in the blogger world. Her expert advice allowed me to identify my audience which allowed for growth and better engagement!”

Fashion / Lifestyle Blogger, YouTuber

  • Shows you a press kit layout that exhibits the best fonts, styles, and colors that are proven to attract brands
  • Teaches you how to best respond to a brand when they request your rate sheet
  • Solves your confusion on the purpose of pitching
  • Gives you a no-fail strategy that gets you negotiating every day
  • Teaches pitching techniques that help you negotiate deals for consistent income growth
  • Eliminates your stress by simplifying your message
  • Explains exactly who to pitch – no more cold pitching!
  • Shows how to find and connect with brands without being sales-y
  • Teaches you how to follow up with a brand the right way
  • Shows you exactly what brands look for in blogger investment, their words, not mine (you will see the emails yourself!)
  • Gives YOU behind-the-scenes access to 5 successful pitches that resulted in over $5,000 in brand deals
  • You will finally have the “inside scoop” and know exactly what to do in order to get on the brand's radar

this course is for:

  • Bloggers who are ready to earn a consistent living blogging every month
  • Influencers who are ready to gain knowledge and confidence in their pitching and negotiation strategy
  • Bloggers who want a professional press kit that will make brands excited to work with them
  • Bloggers who are ready to pitch brands for deals and events in order to build their relationships and bank account

“Julie’s Pitch It Perfect course has truly been a game-changer in my blogging career.

Her pitch strategies and emails have given me the confidence to reach out to brands I never would have before.

I recently landed two of my biggest paid brand deals to date, which were $500 more each than what I used to land, all by using negotiation tips from the course!

I love how she lays everything out in an honest and realistic way, and I definitely recommend the course to anyone who is looking to take their blogging career to the next level.”

Fashion, Lifestyle + Travel Blogger



  • Lifetime access to the Pitch It Perfect strategy course
  • The exact negotiation formula that has generated over $500,000 in deals and approved for countless brand email lists and events
  • Behind-the-scenes of 4 successful pitched brand deals (actual pitches and press kits I used) generating over $5,000 each in revenue
  • Pitching and press kit strategy course
  • The exact press kit layout that landed deals with Garnier, Macy's, Kohls, and more!
  • 5 pitch email templates used to land the deals mentioned above and more!
  • The same strategy that landed deals with Mustela, GAP, Walgreens, Huggies and more!

Module 1 - Welcome to Pitch It Perfect!
Module 2 - Purpose of Pitching
Quick Coverage Overview: How Your Story Connects
Let’s Hear From The Brands
Pitching vs. Catching
Module 3 - Pitching Prep
Take Notice
Elevator Pitch + Why It Matters
Press Kit Creation & Essentials
Module 4 - Pitching Principles
2 Things You Never Do in a Pitch + Rate Sheet Problem and Solution
Who to Pitch, When to Pitch and When to Pass
Module 5 - Pitching Practices
Get an Email Response Fast + Attention Grabbing Headlines
Negotiation Strategy : Best Practices
Behind the Scenes - Successful Pitch Campaigns
Module 6 - Post-Pitching
Following Up in a Pitch
Contracts and Invoicing
BONUS: Pitching Assistance
Pitch Resources and Assistance

“Being somewhat new to the blogging world, Julie was the perfect mentor that I needed to get on the right path.

Pitch It Perfect was the absolute best, most informative program for this industry that I have come across. After completing the course, my blog began seeing 20K+ pageviews, and my Instagram followers grew from 7K to 40K+ all in one year! More importantly, I was able to start making upwards of $4,000-$5,000 monthly (on brand deals alone) in my FIRST year of blogging... With resources in this course, I was even able to negotiate and land my first $5,500 brand deal with one well-known, reputable company that I strongly admire - a dream come true!

As I'm continuing to see a steady growth in numbers across my blog and social media outlets, that dollar amount is also steadily climbing - all thanks to PIP!

I would truly pay for this course 50 times over because it was simply THAT good.”

@peyton.baxter of love ‘n’ labels
style + beauty + travel blogger


“I have really enjoyed working with Julie! Her expertise on branding, blogging, PR and fusing it all together has helped me tremendously in my own blog! I would highly recommend her services!”

New York Times Best-Selling Author, Blogger


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