Bringing Business and Style to Balance with StyleLab

One thing I have found as an entrepreneur is that it's not the struggle of getting up and getting things done in a day, so much as it is being able to look the part as well. With a growing business, I have found that my busy schedule started to take over, which created a rut in what I was wearing on a daily basis. Working from home is one of the greatest luxuries of being an entrepreneur, but being able to maintain a healthy environment in your business and everyday life is just as important.

That all starts with what you wear. To be able to be successful and feel as though you are growing your company, feeling confident in your wardrobe is essential. From the time you get up and get on your computer, finding a daily routine that includes taking care of yourself by dressing the part will help boost your confidence and productivity for the day. An important part of productivity is setting the scene. I spend so much time tackling emails and phone calls all day, that I started taking the easy route by just throwing on whatever was comfortable knowing I would not be leaving the house. After my husband John AND my photographer Kara came to me (separately) and basically said "We love you boo but its time to wear something new" (lol) I knew it was time for a major change. 

I knew I had to bring in StyleLab to get myself out of this rut. Style Lab (founded by Brittney Nichole and Ali Macer -- who are such amazing women by the way) is an on-demand personal shopping and styling service, and it is amazing! A professional stylist came to my house and did a major haul on my closet, going through everything I needed to get rid of and then took pieces already in my closet that I never would have thought "worked" together and styled them to fit my life in a way that was access-able and efficient. What is amazing about Style Lab is, in addition to styling pieces already in your wardrobe, the stylist was able to identify key items missing from my wardrobe. I truly was missing transitional staples and once they added them to my wardrobe, it was easier for me to create more outfits with what I already owned.

It is great to be able to be on the go while wearing something as comfortable as sweats and a tee, but I started to take myself more seriously when I dressed more professionally for myself. This change in my wardrobe created a change in my overall attitude towards my business, as I began to take my business more seriously as well. 

See some pics from our day that Kara shot! If you decide to check out Style Lab, I encourage you to go in with the mindset of elevating what you may already have in you closet, in a way that will truly help you and your business shine! 

Photos by Kara Coleen

Julie SolomonComment